St. Bernadette Catholic Church adult leaders and 40 high school students who are affiliated with St. Bernadette’s, including multiple SOS members from our 3 different SOS chapters will embark on a Mission trip to Connellsville, PA to assist the most economically depressed region in Westmoreland Co. that is still recovering from 2 horrible flooding events that have occurred over last few years.

The 40 high school students will be broken into 5 teams and paired with multiple adult chaperones and various sites across Connellsville to repair, construct, rebuilding, and improve basic infrastructure of buildings and housing in the area.  Most importantly, we are here to share our love and hope for the world through the witness of hard work and compassion.

The goal is to not only to both improve the community of Connellsville and the lives of their citizens, but to improve the fortitude, compassion, and empathy in our high school students, of which, several are SOS members.