Membership Details and Dues Info

  • Any student in MPH Catholic can join SOS at any time during the Youth Group year.
  • SOS is a servant-leadership group that trains our members to attain empathy, organization, and leadership skills while they volunteer to serve the needy.
  • SOS is NOW part of the MPH Catholic Youth Group (Monroeville/Penn Hills) of the Diocese of Pittsburgh which includes the parishes of:
    • St. Bartholomew (Penn Hills)
    • St. Bernadette (Monroeville)
    • St. Gerard Majella (Penn Hills)
    • North American Martyrs (Monroeville)
    •  St. Susanna (Penn Hills)
  • Membership in SOS allows students to participate in SOS throughout the Youth Group year. Dues are the life-blood of what pays for our ability to put together events that help the needy and build empathy in our members.
  • All new and members from previous year(s) are required to pay annual dues.
    • One member dues = $20 annually
    • Two members in same family dues = $35 annually ($17.50 per member)
    • Three + members from family dues = $50 annually ($16.67 per member)
    • (Dues can be modified due to financial hardships of a family)
      • Select “financial hardship” when asked during online registration to reduce required dues
  • Follow directions below in Membership Requirements for additional directions about dues payment logistics

Membership Requirements (all steps must be complete)

  1. Click link below and complete the Google Signup Registration form that will ask for demographics and shirt information

  2. Send check (no cash accepted) made out to MPH Catholic Serving Other Souls for dues (shirts purchased online)(see link below)
  3. Send dues check to school with member in envelope labeled MPH Catholic SOS or Serving Other Souls.  Youth Group members can leave envelope at main office of St. Bernadette with secretary or bring to Mr. Cooley, MPH Catholic Youth Minister on any date of YG events.
  4. Sign up for text e-blasting service
    • ALL SOS members must sign up for to receive text blasts about meetings, planned events, and emergency needs that arise in the community where we must act.
    • You can sign up for the  SOS Remind 3 ways:
  5. SOS Clothing Gear:

     Click here to visit SOS Clothing Gear Store

    1. Credit card paid online (no cash or check accepted)  for shirts/hoodies
      1. New members MUST purchase at least one type of SOS gear to wear to events
      2. Current members can purchase SOS gear if they wish to buy additional gear to wear to event.
      3. All online payments go straight to Ithen Global (shirt company based on Grove City, PA) and not to SOS
        • Shirts will be mailed to Mr. Cooley, and he will distribute to MPH Catholic.
        • SOS Gear Store will only be available for specific windows of dates throughout year.  If you join when the window is closed, please contact SOS for instructions on how to attain the SOS gear you wish to purchase.
      4. SOS members can purchase:
        • $13.95 short sleeve SOS dri-fit shirt (available in adult sizes) (youth sizes not offered)
        • $17.95 long sleeve SOS dri-fit shirt (available in adult sizes) (youth sizes not offered)
        • $26.75 SOS hoodie sweatshirt  (available in adult sizes) (youth sizes not offered)
          • For logistical reasons, SOS and Ithen Global agreed to only offer adult sizes to lock in the lowest price point for our members ordering shirts.  
      5. NEW SOS members can ask for assistance due to financial hardships if can not afford shirt.
        • (select “financial hardship” in online sign process listed below in regards to shirts info)
    2. Contact SOS  (click link) to send us email if issue with online purchases with credit card
      1. This needs to be used extremely rarely.  SOS is permanently moving to online purchases for our shirts through Ithen Global, and with the online SOS store, Ithen Global extends discounts to SOS on shirts. Shirts are $15 (short sleeve), $20 (long sleeve), and $30 for hoodie IF ordered outside of the online gear shop.  SOS signup allows members to claim financial hardship if cost of gear is too high.